I worked as a volunteer with NGOs as a photographer at rallies and marches related with human rights and women's rights. 
I participate in rallies as a documentary photographer and I like to experiment with Gifs and moving images, I believe it is a powerful technique to keep the vibes and the feeling you experiement when you practice social justice and manifest your needs and fight for your Rights. 

Women's March - Sydney, Australia
Anniversary - Womens wave 2019 
Chapadmalal - Buenos Aires Argentina 2015
Memory, Truth and Justice, is a meeting organized by "Provincial Commission for Memory" (, where I was invited to participate as a documentarist photographer, and I spent several weekends with them documenting, what I believe, it showed me that our youth needs to be understand, listen and respect.
In Argentina a big part of the society, and the youth is underestimated and stigmatized,  we lack of new progressive policies, the care of basic human rights and we need to restructure  the education system. What this meeting showed me, if we keep remembering and embracing our past, we are unlikely to commit the same mistakes in the future. 
March for Our Lives, Sydney, Australia
Invited by Caitie Gutierrez though Womens March organization to document the event. 
Rally for Legal Abortion Laws.
Sydney, Australia 2019
Movement for Human Rights for the Philipino People.
Sydney, Australia 2018
Gifs, Still images with movement, Loops, Memories from Rallies. 
Feminism and Education