Personal Project


Personal Project


How do I work


Your Brief will make it easy, have it done to deliver to your creative.

First the idea, the concept, what do you want to communicate? What is the message?

Then the sketches, I draw and I draw; I search for references If I need it to make it easy.

We can call it Storyboard, Animatic, Leica. The point is that you need movement and sound.

If you need an script I'll write it, but in animation scripts are not necessary. What you need to see are drawings, with sound marking a timing.

Day by day I am improving my skills with 2D frame-by-frame. I can offer you Cut Out Digital and Puppet animation, mixed with collage, fake 3D backgrounds, objects and characters, 2D drawings and some simple animations. I am also a Photographer, I can do StopMotion.

Once we have a time, a duration for your animation, we can decided how to animate.

We will need some original music, a  professional voice with a professional sound. A good sound it is very important.

Idea - Research - Mockups and Sketches - Storyboard - Character and Background Design - Animatic with Sound (voices and music) - Animation Tests - Animation - Sound Design - Color Grading - Render 

Personal Project




From an picture of a phone, I created a motion graphics and from that simple idea I personalize it with my own style.


I drew a character. I put it inside a rectangle, sometimes having a shape it is better than a blanc page. I vectoriced it and then I animated.

cyclo copy.PNG