Product Photography for the Cookie Brand "Om nom nom".

Om nom nom was a startup company from La Plata, Argentina. Their products were snacks and treats for dogs and cats. Made by only natural and healthy ingredients for our pets companions. 

As a photographer and friend with the owner Natalia Herrera, we tried between the two of us to get the image for the company. 

These are some examples of what we did as creatives.

We had this sessions every time Natalia had a new product to show.

I took pictures from the ingredients, the packaging, the cookies and the bread. 

Product Photography for the company Refrigeracion Pico.

Refrigeracion Pico SRL is a company from General Roca (RN), Argentina. Commercial and industrial equipment supplier, primary related with the Food Industry and Health Industry. 

As a photographer and social media manager I was in charge of taking pictures of the stock and creating content for social media. 

Here are some examples of the pictures I took and the designs I created for them.

Product Photography for the entrepreneur Blu, from Garabatos de Tela. 

Garabatos de Tela is an startup from a Ivana Balestra, a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from La Plata, Argentina. 

I worked for her as a product photographer and here are some of the pictures I took in her workshop. 

Very colorful and handmade teddy bears, monsters and unicorns for kids and everyone that enjoys collecting them. 

Photography for the entrepreneur Natalia Reitman.

 Natalia Reitman is a reflexologist, masseur and acupuncturist based in General Roca, RN, Argentina.

We did this session together to give to her business a professional look.


I scouted this location (backyard of a house outside the city) and I was in charge of the aesthetics for the session. 

I used the natural light of the sun and a reflector 5 on 1 to reflect some light .  A very simple set up, and such a beautiful and natural look.

Personal Work.  Experimenting with color and texture